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Getting old is our destiny. All of us are destined to become old, to slowly degenerate and lose the normal functioning of the bodies. Looking back at our childhood years, we were able to explore the world and move as freely as we can. But when we reach the point of late adulthood, we can never perform our activities of daily living effectively and that is because of the different illnesses that we might have when we are already old.

As we age up, our health especially the structures of our bone changes. Well, this is only true to those individuals who practice a sedentary lifestyle or those individuals having poor resistance and weak immune system. But for those practicing a healthy lifestyle, those who are observing and maintaining the body physically fit are less likely to acquire diseases when they get old.

Different bone problem arises as we grow old. Even the young already experience some bone disorders. The disease may be genetically acquired or perhaps there is just a problem with the bone structures that is why they suffer a certain type of bone disease. For the adults, they commonly experience pain in their backs, hips, knees and joints making difficult for them to move around and do their daily tasks.

Age alone is one of the factors why people experience different types of pain. Joint injury added with arthritis may result to the deterioration of the hip joints and thus will cause severe pain and other bone deformities. When this happens, undergoing surgery known as total hip replacement is a must.

Hip replacement is the choice of treatment for individuals having difficulty of moving around. The surgery focuses on pain relief, and achieving the maximum level of functionality of the knees and joints. Being able to perform the routine activities is also another objective of the surgery.

Before undergoing the surgery, have yourself assessed by the medical expert and report to him all the changes and the painful areas of your body that way he will know what type of hip replacement you will have to undergo. There are several types of hip replacement depending upon the presenting signs and symptoms and to what area is affected.

The first type of hip replacement is the total hip replacement. In total hip replacement, the two parts of the hip which is the ball and the socket are replaced with a plastic cup or the metallic ones. The second type of replacement is resurfacing. This is just similar to the first type only that the ball is only resurfaced and that no stem is placed. This type of surgery should be properly discussed with your physician so you will know the different advantages and disadvantages after the surgery. And the last type is the minimally hip replacement surgery. This is just an alternative method when an individual will undergo the standard incision hip replacement. Moreover, this type of surgery only needs less time for the surgery to be finished and less recovery time. Only that it also needs thorough explanation of the different advantages and disadvantages that will be experienced right after the surgery.

When we experience some discomforts in our hips and joints, we should visit our physician that way interventions can be implemented at an earlier time.

Hip replacement is the solution to the discomforts you feel in your hips and the joints. The surgery will somehow alleviate the pain and enables you do all your activities of daily living without feeling any discomfort and delay. You can visit http://www.minimallyinvasivehipsurgery.com for additional information on total hip replacement.

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March 27, 2010

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

In this video, Dr. Kreuzer conducts an anterior hip replacement surgery using an Arch Table to manipulate the hip out of its socket.

Please visit http://www.stefankreuzermd.com for more information.

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Hip Surgery

http://www.nucleusinc.com This 3D medical animation depicts total hip replacement surgery of the left hip. The procedure includes the incision, exposure of the hip joint, placement of the acetabular hip prosthetic component (socket), removal of the arthritic femoral head, and placement of the femoral head prosthesis (ball). ANCE00188

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