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If your doctor has just told you that you need total hip replacement surgery, your head may understandably be spinning.

The chances are that he or she has told you the predictable but unwelcome news, this coming after a long period of arthritic pain, or perhaps some sudden traumatic injury.

Your Orthopaedic Specialist even might have delayed treatment until your situation reached critical.

You might have suffered many months of pain, reduced mobility, and sleepless nights. The discomfort only moderated by large amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs, but they too have a downside.

The promise of a man-made fully functioning metal and ceramic hip-joint, is of course marred by the daunting prospect of undergoing a serious surgical procedure.

If you’ve never enjoyed a hospital stay, this may well have left you feeling very nervous.  

You might know that although highly successful and commonplace, total hip replacements are followed directly by a challenging recovery regimen.

I went through hip re-construction 1992, and knew very little about what I was facing.

I’m guessing that like me, you are now hungry to find out as much as you can before you face the scalpel?

I’ve just found the answer to all of my own questions in an e-book written by someone who has had no less than six, yes I did say six hip-replacements!

Professional teacher Ingrid Flynn has undergone 6 hip replacements, the first at 34. 

To help others face this kind of surgery, she has collected together all of her hints, tips, advice and experiences. Her friends call her the Bionic Woman.

The result is a good-humoured, practical, inspiring, easy to read publication for anyone who needs answers.

It is not a medical book about surgical procedures, it is all about preparation and recovery.

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