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March 27, 2010

What doctors are involved in Hip Replacement Surgery?

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I need to know about the doctors involved in the diagnosis, treatment and after care of the hip replacement patient.

Thanks for you help I really appreciate it.

I’ve had both hips replaced. The diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis was made by my PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR (internist) based on an interpretation of my hip xrays by a RADIOLOGIST. The surgery was performed by an ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. My anesthesia was administered by a nurse anesthetist (not an M.D.) but in some cases it may be administered by an ANESTHESIOLOGIST.

Sometimes arthritis patients may be treated by a RHEUMATOLOGIST. In my case I wasn’t.
As far as after-care, my PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR supervised the dosing of the blood thinner that I took for 5 weeks. The ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON followed up (he still does it after 8 years) with periodic hip xrays.

How long will a titanium hip replacement device last?

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I had a hip replacement 4 years ago and still jog, play golf and stay very active. My doctor says I can jog up to 3 miles on a treadmill or on the road. Another doctor who specializes in replacing hip replacements says I should not ever jog. Just a little confused.

If it was installed correctly, you will wear out before the hip.

What is the quickest way to get hip replacement surgery in Australia?

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My uncle has recently been told that he needs a hip replacement. He has been told that there is a 2 year wait to get onto the public waiting list, and then a further wait to have the surgery (He lives in Melboune)

He has now joined up to private health, and will need to wait 11 more months before they will cover him for this operation.

He is in agony, and can barely walk or drive his car. He has been taking panadine forte, but this isn’t really helping (even though he is taking 3-4 at a time).

What are the wait times interstate? Is it possible to have the operation done interstate? (I live in SA).

Has he considered "medical tourism"? Some uninsured Americans travel abroad to have expensive medical procedures such as joint replacements for a fraction of their cost at home. If he is desperate, he could consider India or Thailand. See these links for more on the subject:





What medical staff would be involved in a hip joint replacement from start to finish?

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I’m not having a hip replacement but this is for my school biology homework!

I’ve had both hips replaced. My PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN saw me first about my hip arthritis. He ordered x-rays of my hips by an X-RAY TECHNICIAN. A RADIOLOGIST read my x-rays. I was then referred me to an ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. The OFFICE NURSES in each physician’s office were involved in arranging my surgery. My pre-op testing involved a CARE MANAGEMENT nurse and the pre-op tests included blood work and more x-rays, involving the X-RAY TECHNICIANS again plus the LAB TECHNICIANS and the RADIOLOGIST who read my x-rays. I also had an EKG which was administered by a NURSE. I donated blood for myself at a blood bank which involved a NURSE. My blood was stored for my surgery in a hospital storage facility administered by a PHYSICIAN.

The medical equipment that I would need after surgery was delivered to my home by an employee of the HOME-CARE store who also showed me how to assemble and use it.

Upon admission to the hospital, a HOSPITAL BUSINESS OFFICE SEC’Y recorded my admission information. A NURSE inserted my IV and shaved the area to be operated on. A NURSE ANESTHETIST consulted with me about the anesthesia to be used. A SURGICAL NURSE wheeled me to the OR where the ANESTHETIST, SCRUB NURSE, and ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON did the surgery. After surgery I was taken to the recovery room where a NURSE took care of me until I was awake and stable. I was then moved to my room by what I presumed to be LPNs and/or CNAs. During my 4-day hospital stay I had PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANTS and an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST daily. The floor NURSES, LPNs, CNAs and HOUSEKEEPERS were also involved in my care and the care of my room. Blood was drawn daily by LAB TECHNOLOGISTS. A hospital PHARMACIST filled my drug needs. I was transfused with the blood that I had donated earlier so that involved the STAFF OF THE HOSPITAL LAB and the floor NURSES. My PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN and my ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON visited me daily during my stay. Also a STUDENT NURSE and her INSTRUCTOR were assigned to my care for 2 days during my hospital stay.

I had to have one radiation treatment on my hip which involved transporting me across town by medical transport to the cancer center where the treatment was administered. This involved the AMBULANCE CREW, the RADIATION ONCOLOGIST DOCTOR, and his NURSING & TECHNICIAN STAFF and more x-rays.

After I was dismissed to go home, I was under the care of a VISITING NURSE and a PHYSICAL THERAPIST for 2 weeks. I had more blood draws during that time so that involved more LAB STAFF. When home visits were discontinued, I went to outpatient physical therapy which involved PHYSICAL THERAPISTS & ASSISTANTS once again.

And a DIETICIAN prescribed my meals and FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEES prepared and deliviered my meals to me in the hospital.

How long is the hospital stay for a hip replacement and how long will the replacement last?

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Can hip replacement be done on NHS? Is it successful? how long is the hospital stay? and how long will the replacement last?

I’m in the US and my hospital stays were 4 days each (I’ve had both hips replaced in separate surgeries). Yes, they are wonderfully successful. I couldn’t walk before I had the surgeries. Now I can walk miles, need no pain meds, have no limp and use no walking aids. As for how long they last, this depends on several factors: younger people tend to be more active and may beat up their fake hips. The choice of bearing material may also affect longevity. Obviously, no one can predict with certainty how long a replacement will last but 10-25 yrs wouldn’t be unusual.
I know nothing about NHS but assume that you can get on a waiting list for such a procedure, even though it is technically elective surgery.

How long after a hIP REPLACEMENT does it take to be pain free?

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Iam 8 weeks post hip replacement! Just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to be pain free? Like getting in and out of vehicles, sitting w/o discomfort? If i sit too long i get a burning sensation! Thanks!

This is going to depend upon just have aggressive you have been with the exercise program that you were given. The more that these movements were and continue to be worked the stronger the muscles become. The stronger that they are the more pressure that is taken off the prosthesis. So even though you are getting close to that point where things get better each day the more that you work the muscles of the legs and hips the faster the pain free days will approach.

After a hip replacement are you requires to go into rehab?

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I am hving a hip replacement next week and I was wondering is it required to go to re-hab?

Physical therapy. Here is a site you may want to check out. Good luck with the surgery.


How many new hip replacement patients are really happy with their new hip ?

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I have recently had hip replacement surgery. I am wondering how many people out there have had this surgery, if your glad you did,
and how long it took to get your life back on track?

I have no statistics on how happy other hip replacement patients are but I can tell you that I have had both hips replaced in separate surgeries and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. If I hadn’t had the surgeies I would be in a wheelchair today. I consider it sort of a miracle surgery in how it relieves pain and restores function in people who would otherwise end up in wheelchairs. I couldn’t walk without a cane or stand for more than a few minutes during the months before surgery. Now I can shop till I drop and walk miles.
Like I said — a miracle.

As for recovery time, I was able to drive at the 5-week mark (after each surgery). I used a walking aid (walker or crutches, then a single crutch, then a cane) for about 2-3 months (I recovered faster from the second surgery). I finished outpatient PT at about the 8-week mark. I just had my 7-year check-up.

Malpractice Medical Hip Replacement Surgery 1

Medical Malpractice and Patient Education Company
You doctor has recommended that you undergo hip replacement surgery. But what exactly does that mean?

The hip joint is the place where the thighbone – called the femur – and the hipbone – called the pelvis – meet.

As you walk, the ball-shaped end of the thigh moves within a cuplike depression on the side of the hip.
Medical Malpractice
As long as the thigh can move smoothly against the hip, you are able to walk comfortably. But over time, especially in patients who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism, the hip joint can wear down.

Cartilage, the tissue that cushions the bones and makes it possible for them to move smoothly against each other can wear away.
Medical Malpractice
When this happens, the bones rub together causing pain and even restricting the ability to walk.
* In some cases, hip surgery is recommended for people who have suffered a hip fracture.
* No matter what the cause, one of the most effective ways to fix a damaged hip is to replace it surgically.

In this procedure, the ball-shaped bone at the top of the thigh is removed and replaced with a metal substitute.
Medical Malpractice
The hip socket is widened and lined with a smooth pad that allows the metal ball joint to move more freely against the pelvis.

Hip replacement surgery is a major operation, but your doctor believes that the procedure — followed up with physical therapy and time to heal — will result in reduced pain and greater mobility.

So make sure that you ask your doctor to carefully explain the reasons behind this recommendation.

Medical Malpractice and Patient Education Company

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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

In this video, Dr. Kreuzer conducts an anterior hip replacement surgery using an Arch Table to manipulate the hip out of its socket.

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